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5 Reasons to Love Espadrilles

Espadrilles have been dated as far back as the 13th century and we know why. These shoes tick off all our boxes on what makes a shoe great, which is why we at Sole Base are here to gush about the many benefits of espadrilles and all the reasons why you need to invest in a new pair today!

Why We Love Espadrilles

If just their overall look isn’t enough to convince you to buy these shoes, this blog will provide the five reasons that will convince you to add these beauties to your shoe collection today.

Reason #1: Espadrilles are the Perfect Holiday Shoes

Do you ever look at gorgeous women on Instagram and wonder how they look so flawless in their travel pictures? It’s easy; they pack smart! Packing items on your holiday has never been so easy with these stunning shoes! We will discuss all the reasons why further on in this article, but espadrilles will help you stay photo-ready whether you are about to step onto a white-sand beach or New York street!

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Reason #2: You Can Own More Than One Style of Espadrilles

Whether you are feeling feminine or more sporty, there is an espadrille that is perfect for your style. Dress up your look with trendy high heels or replace flip flops with casually chic flats. If you are wearing shorts or a dress, add some extra flair by wearing espadrilles with ankle ties. The options are endless. Find the perfect pair to match your style- or just buy them all!

Reason #3: Espadrilles Go with Everything

No matter the style you choose, you won’t have trouble matching these shoes to other clothing items. Roll the bottoms of your jeans up for a trendy chic look, wear them casually with shorts or dress down and skirt or dress by adding a cute pair. These shoes are a ‘must’ for any girls wardrobe, especially if you have trouble matching items together.

Reason #4: Espadrilles Are Super Comfortable

Yes, you read that right! These shoes are cute, versatile AND comfortable! Because they are so light, you can walk for hours in them, whether it’s just around your office, local mall or exploring a new whole new country. They are wide enough to offer your foot enough of a platform to rest comfortably and the natural materials used reduce sweat!

Reason #5: Espadrilles Are Even Great in the Rain

The Beachcomber espadrilles are the best shoes to be in if you are caught in the rain. They are fitted to your feet to prevent your feet from slipping around, they dry super quickly due to the neoprene used in production and they don’t have loose-fitting backs that kick dirt up your legs!

Get Your On-Trend Espadrilles from Sole Base – Today!

If you are looking for a company that sells quality shoes for amazing prices, look no further. Sole Base offers the latest trends in footwear and always has a pair that is perfect for your unique style! Call us today with any queries or visit our online store and find your espadrilles, and many other shoe styles, today! 

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