4 Trendy Ways to Wear Summer Sandals

Summer is finally here, which is why you need to ensure that you are fully prepared. We at Sole Base believe that essential staples in your closet area few pairs of summer sandals; they are cute, cool to wear on the hot summer days and go perfectly with most summer fashion.

The Ultimate Summer Sandal How-To Guide

There are so many summer sandal trends; they go with nearly everything, which is why we are narrowing it down for you by sharing 4 of our favourite. Keep reading the Sole Base blog as we share our favourite fashion/sandal combinations for summer.

1. Sandals & a Sundress is a Winning Combination

This is our most favourite combination for summer. Sundresses are a recurring trend in the fashion world and never truly go out of style. This season, floral patterns are dominating and what could be better than pairing a cute dress with a pair of summery sandals. From casual slip-ons to gladiator sandals, your footwear is a great way to add a little more personality to your outfit. The sandal/sundress is ideal if you are wanting to show your feminine side and can be dressed up or down with various accessories and, of course, your shoes.

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2. Opt for Sandals that Match Your Accessories

If you are aiming for a trendy look, you can obtain this simply by matching your sandals with the accessories you are wearing. Firstly, pick a cute outfit that will complement the accessories you own. Once the outfit has been chosen, you can accessorize with jewellery, sunglasses, hats and/or handbags. Matching your sandals with your accessories is an easy way to tie your whole outfit together and improve it instantly, it’s a timeless fashion hack. Look put-together daily simply by matching your accessories with your shoes- it’s that easy!

3. Pair Sandals with Jeans for a Casually Chic Look

This is a popular trend in the celebrity world, and we can see why. Pair your favourite pair of sandals with jeans and a t-shirt for an effortlessly chic look. If you are going for a street-style summer look, or the weather is caught in a still slightly chilly season change, you can make a casual transition into summer by incorporating summer pieces, such as tank tops, t-shirts and sandals, with winter items, such as jeans.

4. Fortune Favours the Bold

When wearing shorts, a short skirt or dress, add an extra ‘wow’ factor by making bold choices with your sandals. Gladiator sandals are a fashion trend that keeps coming back into style, as they give your outfit a rebellious, attention-grabbing element that you won’t get from plain sandals. Having long ties up your legs can be considered as a form of accessorizing, as you will find that your outfit is instantly transformed by the extended lace-up, giving you a bohemian chic look that will never disappoint.

Get Your Summer Sandals from Sole Base Today

Prepare your closet for summer by stocking up on all your favourite shoes today. Sole Base know what fashion looks are currently trending, we know what looks good and we know what you like. Browse our extensive online store or contact us with any further queries and prepare to own your summer style.

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