5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Your Matric Dance

Ladies, matric dance season is here, and we can’t be more excited to work together with you to make your night as special as possible. Shoe shopping is usually at the bottom of many women’s ‘to-do list’ when preparing for a big night, as most time is spent finding the perfect dress in-between hair and make-up trials; this is perfectly fine, however, it doesn’t forget the impact a pair of shoes can have on your night. Your matric dance shoes have the power to make or break your night, so ensure that you leave time to find a pair that checks all the necessary boxes.

How to Choose the Perfect Matric Dance Shoes

Before you purchase the pair of shoes you have been eyeing for months, make sure they are appropriate for the night you have in mind. We have compiled a shortlist of 5 important tips on choosing the perfect pair of shoes.

1. Make Sure You Can Walk in Them

This is the most obvious, yet most common mistake when it comes to matric dance shoes. So many girls opt for stilettos for their matric dance, yet they have never worn a pair of heels in their lives; this makes the red-carpet entrance super uncomfortable for all parties and the rest of your night a blur of pain. If you aren’t a regular high-heel wearer, opt for a pair of heels that are a little more solid to ensure you can strut confidently throughout the night. It might be a good idea to practice walking in them by wearing them around the house, this will get you comfortable in them and wear them in, eliminating the chances of blisters.

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2. Consider Your Partners Height

This one is for the tall girls. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love confident women who don’t let their height determine whether they do or don’t wear high heels, but you need to have a good, hard think about which side of the spectrum you are on. If you are someone who is confident in your height, and your partner is comfortable with you being taller, go ahead and own your heels! If you know that you will be significantly taller than your partner and are self-conscious about it, rather focus on finding a smaller heel or cute pair of flats- nothing can ruin a look more than a woman hunching her shoulders to appear shorter than she is.

3. Determine How Visible They Will Be

If your dress has an open slit or is short, shoes are extremely important as they will be visible throughout the night. Therefore, you need to find a pair of shoes that are comfortable, suit your height AND compliment your dress. If your dress is on the longer side and has no open slits, then you may be able to get away with shoes that are more practical and comfortable. If your dress covers most of your shoes, you can focus more on what is comfortable for you.

4. Do They Compliment Your Dress

Shoes are funny accessories as a good pair tend to blend in, whilst a bad pair stand out, not vice versa. Maybe you did things a little backwards and bought your shoes before you found your perfect dress, or you had a great pair at home that you think will look just fine. Regardless of the style, it is important to ensure that the shoes you pick are the right colour for your dress; if they are not, the attention will be drawn away from your overall look and, instead, to your feet.

5. Remember That Flats Are Okay

There is such a stigma attached to flat shoes when it comes to matric dances or any formal occasion- which we think is crazy. If you are just not a high heel kind of girl, don’t feel the pressure to conform to a night of torture simply to fit in with your peers. There are so many beautiful sandals you can wear that will look just as beautiful. Remember, it is your night; wear what makes you feel beautiful, wear what makes you feel comfortable and you are already almost guaranteed the perfect night.

Get Your Matric Dance Shoes from Sole Base Today

Now that you have some guidance on what to remember when choosing your matric dance shoes, you can begin the hunt. Sole Base has an enviable selection of women’s footwear, you are bound to find something that suits your style. Browse through our products online or visit a store near you where one of our team members will be happy to assist you. 

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