5 Tips for Staying Connected Through Fashion

With the recent coronavirus pandemic steadily making its way around the world, we at Sole Base understand that many people are finding themselves feeling extremely isolated and disconnected from the outside world. Whilst it can be difficult to adjust to a whole new routine carrying its own challenges, we need to embrace this new experience by finding creative and fun ways to stay connected to the outside world.

5 Ways to Stay Connected Through Fashion

Fashion has a unique way of bringing people together, which is why we are challenging You to stay connected through fashion. Keep reading the blog for 5 tips to help you stay connected through fashion during this lockdown period.

1. Donate Pre-loved Clothes to Someone Who Needs Them

A great thing to do to fill your time and feel connected to the outside world is to clean out your clothing cupboards. The world economy is going to take a tremendous knock post-lockdown, which means many families will be struggling to put food on the table, let alone clothe themselves. Sift through your cupboards looking for clothes that you love but simply don’t wear anymore; it is time to pay them forward. Think about the people your clothes will be helping and you will instantly feel more positive and connected to the outside.

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2. Reinvent Some Items in Your Closet

When you are going through your cupboard, keep an eye out for clothes that you can re-invent for yourself. You might find a pair of jeans that will look great with a few rips and patches, or a denim jacket that would make a great handbag. There are tutorials online for almost anything- find one you like and get to work. You will feel instantly more connected to those in the fashion industry when you are admiring your new item and can share the final product with your friends.

3. Buy from Local Brands

All industries are going to feel the pinch after the lockdown, especially smaller brands. Spend some time online looking for local brands that have products you love and order from them. You may only receive the product after lockdown, but you will feel great knowing that you are helping a person support themselves and their family.

4. Catch Up on Fashion Documentaries

There is no better time to sit and binge-watch the world’s best fashion documentaries than now. Make some popcorn, grab a blanket and spend a rainy day learning about the most influential people in the industry. We recommend ‘The September Issue’, ‘Dior and I’, ‘The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards’ and ‘Alexa Chung: The Future of Fashion’ to start you off.

5. Do a Virtual Clothing Swap with Your Friends

This is a fun way to combine fashion and your friends. Download an app like Zoom or Houseparty and meet your friends at an agreed-upon time. Each select no more than 5 items of clothing to trade with one another. Make the process easy by taking a bag or box for each friend to keep track of what they want. Hold up items at the same time or individually and compete to secure the item. Make a rule that you can and must only take one item from each player, that way you will give 5 items away and gain 5 new items. Have a laugh with your friends and bond over fashion.

Stay Connected with Sole Base

Like many people around the world, we are already planning our outfits for our first day back in society. Pass some time by browsing through our online shoe range and placing an order for after lockdown. Whether you are ready to dance all night or want to make a little extra effort on your first day back at the office, we have you covered! Purchase a gift voucher for a loved one to use after lockdown or contact us with any questions or queries and we will be happy to assist you.

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