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5 Modern Footwear Trends to Try in 2020

A new year means a new chance to update your wardrobe with all the new styles and trends. If you love staying stylish, it is important that you know what is popular in the fashion world and a perfect outfit can be instantly ruined by outdated by the wrong pair of shoes.

5 Emerging Shoe Trends to Look Out For

Sole Base knows all the modern footwear trends that will keep you in the know and help you stay on trend this year. Here are 5 modern footwear trends that you have to try in 2020. From the different styles to popular colours, we have the info on everything!

Trend #1: Platform Shoes

We aren’t talking about the timeless high heels. This trend has found its way to all popular shoe styles, such as flip-flops and sneakers. If you are wanting to keep your look casual but still add a little extra height and style to your looks than a platform shoe will be your best friend. Platforms no longer have to be elaborate heels; now you can maintain an edgy or causal look with platform sneakers or sandals.

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 Trend #2: Slides

We love this trend because we love casual, comfortable shoes that still look great! Slides are simple ‘flip-flop’ style shoes, but rather than the thong straps, the strap goes over your foot so that you can simply slide your foot into them, hence the name. There are a variety of styles, such as athletic shoes to slip on after the gym or more formal styles made of various fabrics and other materials, such as leather. This style is for both males and females and a great option if you are looking for shoes to complement a casual look.

Trend #3: Loafers

If you are looking for shoes that are a little more formal and trendy then loafers should be on the top of your list. These shoes have been around for ages, but they are making their much-anticipated comeback this year. Loafers are most often made from leather and got their name from simply being shoes that you can slip on and go, perfect for people who like avoiding extra work, such as tying shoelaces. These shoes look professional and their leather material makes them easy to pair with almost any outfit.

Trend #4: 90s Plastic Style

We love it when an old trend makes a comeback, especially trends from the 90s! A popular look making a comeback this year is the plastic see-through shoes, often in a variety of colours. Available in a variety of styles, such as heels and sandals, plastic shoes are a blast from the past. Think ‘baby doll’ shoes from your childhood, Cher Horowitz from Clueless and classic 90s vibes all rolled into one- this trend can stay!

Trend #5: Square Toes

You may have noticed a lot of shoe styles in shops now have the square toes, also a popular trend from the 90s. This can be found on heels, sandals, boots and so many more. This trend has been gaining momentum since autumn last year and has only increased due to the help of social media influencers. In modern times, nothing is more stylish than something from the past; a substantial amount of recent trends have been items from the 90s, such as choker necklaces and high-waisted mom jeans. Square toed shoes are gracing stores again and we are thrilled about it!

Get Your Trendy Shoes from Sole Base Today!

Those are just five of the many shoe trends coming your way in 2020 and our team at Sole Base want to be your ‘go-to’ for all your footwear requirements. If you are in the market for new shoes, need to update your closet or are just in a shopping mood, contact us today or visit one of our stores near you.

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